Sunday, December 31, 2017

Closing the Circle

Here we are again, in the last ragged breaths of the Old Year.

There are so many priceless moments, lessons, and treasures I've hoarded up over 2017.

Spring tossed and turned like a restless sleeper. Then an endless summer slowly shifted into a mild fall and a last minute winter kissed our cheeks with Blue Moon snow as if to say, "Sorry about all that."

I'll remember this year as a year of music. Music I wrote, music put in my hands, the new songs, playlists, and mixtapes that carried me from one moment to the next as I drove or rode shotgun, the moments of deep, genuine worship, this year's exceptional Christmas music; the scales I still suck at, the music in the middle of a windy, rainy Kroger parking lot; the music in a church kitchen; the music in a spoonful of soup I hadn't tasted in ages; that strange, beautiful music waiting to happen just behind a pair of brown eyes casually adorned with a tiny green star.

Echos of the Lord's hand have been resounding everywhere, and yesterday, in the same company as this time last year, the circle officially closed.

Sleep will ease this restlessness to relate all the highlights coming back to me. They're my pearls, I suppose, so throwing them into an uninhabited corner of this void we call the internet would be foolish. For now, I'm content to do as my namesake did and just keep all these things in my heart, for the most part.

Until next year, goodnight...

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