Friday, December 22, 2017

In Honor of the Pagan Traditions of Men

I have something(s) up my sleeves...

It's about 6a.m. and I just put the finishing touches on a project that was born earlier this month during the drive to see Behold the Lamb. Just need to mod podge a few more ideas together when I finally get up tomorrow (today), and then the entire thing will be ready for its new home!

[Hint: the Intangible has been made tangible, blank canvases made colorful, the impractical will be useful, and all will be 100% saccharine and nonesense. Hmmm, what have I done? ;) ]

Creating into the late night hours until everything is either just right, you come to a good stopping point, or you're too exhausted to continue = worth it.

So, now to itch until I fall asleep. Rashes suck.

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