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Monday, May 7, 2018

Musing Again

I forgot how big the sun is
in comparison to earth because from here, it is the size of a dime, and makes driving in its glare a chore. The earth could disappear into it and it would be just as brilliant and just as massive, as if a flea landed on the foot of an elephant.

Water doesn't have a fun flavor, but I'm 73% comprised of it and need it to survive. There are dozens of different bottling companies, some from city sources and others from well-springs in the ground. Some are fancier and costlier than the stuff that runs at the twist of a faucet lever in my house. I'm saturated with the choice to drink it, therefore I don't drink it.

There are millions of Bibles printed every year, at least ten physical copies of which belong to me, and every version conceivable is at the ready on my phone alone.

I am saturated with the choice to drink it, therefore I don't drink it.

I don't talk to God [as consistently as I should] because I think it will be difficult or He won't respond as I want Him to, forgetting entirely how refreshing it is to unburden my soul, even if I'm met with silence, to someone that loves me unceasingly and is jealous for my time and my future.

Familiarity breeds contempt.
Familiarity breeds contempt.

But it doesn't have to...

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