Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Bösendorfer Queen [Tori Amos]

I was on the internet, about to look into your face again and see why it, and all the intricate things created behind it, threatens me. Study it, label the expression ("Gosh, can you sneer a little? Geez!"), figure out where the jealous streak lies and why it curls up around my spine and hisses whenever I hear your voice against my will.

I'm truly and admittedly a hater.

My neck always gets really warm and my throat itches with a bunch of -- oh, you know -- comments ("Can ya whine a little more, geez?"). Forever ready to make an aggravated noise when I hear that long E sound ooze out from between your teeth.

"You can't make girls be friends with each other!"

Then this image popped up and completely gut-punched me.

So here's my throat, I guess...

I can't hate and sway at the same time.
I'll learn a fancy move or two, keep my mouth shut.

It's a new year, and I'm going to learn to wait 5 seconds or more (better make it more) before saying something (with or without my face) that might destroy someone else.

• • •

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