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Miryam Gabriel is a twenty-two-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter living in the Houston area. Her main influences are Sara Groves, Lorde, and her father, itinerant worship leader of 30 years. She has played for such local Houston talent as Kelly Zwern, Savercool, and This Intangible Existence. Her first song, “Jealous Yahweh,” was recorded in August of 2017 with John Ebdon’s Christian Songwriters in the Round, and her most recent appearance saw her featured alongside Savercool on a re-working of This Intangible Existence’s single, “River Hymn.”

Miryam’s music education began at the age of eight when she was gifted her first guitar, but her instrument of choice is the piano. A largely self-taught pianist, she has been playing by ear since she can remember, quickly progressing from toy pianos and keyboards, to grands and uprights (when she can get her hands on them). In the past, she has performed as a cover artist at coffee houses, and currently sits as one of two pianists on call for her church worship band. Miryam plans to release her first EP of all original music this fall under the stage handle MRYM, a stylization of her first name.

As a Christian artist, her goal is to speak openly and honestly about all that following Christ has entailed for her since surrendering her life to Jesus, and whatever comes next in this season. The cost of such a decision is plainly felt in works that sway between moments of exhortation and personal caves of Adullam. Her hope is that her stories will reach those waiting to hear that someone else has been there, and those in need of art that gets them.